Hosted on the Pratexo edge-to-cloud platform, solution frameworks built by Pratexo are highly customizable and significantly accelerate your ability to stand up solutions to critical operational issues. Such solutions function wherever is most appropriate, from the far edge all the way to public clouds – even when entirely shielded from the internet.

Electrification Solution FRAMEWORK by Pratexo

Automated Grid Monitoring and Alerting

The electrical grid is widely distributed and poses challenges for managing the optimal delivery of power through all its geographically distributed stations and substations. Power utility companies need a way to monitor their entire distribution network, be alerted of faults when they occur, and improve the reliability of their operations by being alerted in advance of faults. The Intelligent Monitoring and Alerting solution provides “predictive maintenance”.

ALERT MANAGEMENT: Overview of entire system, including key alerts.

POWERVIEW: Deep dive into intelligent operational analytics

HARMONICS: Advanced analytics are customizable, such as harmonic distortion

Advanced monitoring and analysis for electrical systems

Originally developed for Norwegian power grid operator Hallingdal Kraftnett and now being extended in coordination with industry leaders including ABB, Pratexo brings the benefits of cloud computing down to the energy grid ‘edge’ where data is local, secure and can be used with low latency to both detect and predict problem situations and to react in real time.

Solution Benefits

  • Increased system uptime
  • Dramatically reduced maintenance costs
  • Ability to run disconnected from central servers
  • Greater resistance to external attacks
  • Better utilization of assets with dynamic power monitoring

This Pratexo solution framework is now listed on the Intel Solutions Marketplace!

Case Study

Pratexo, Google, and Intel Create Next-Generation Intelligent Grid

Although more commonly known for its vast oil and gas reserves, Norway is one of the most advanced markets in terms of electrification. In fact, by 2021, 85% of new cars sold in Norway were plug-in electrics (versus less than 4% in the US).


  • As the complexity of grids increases, so do demands for reliability. It used to be that 99.5% uptime was enough, but now we need 99.999%.

  • Penalties levied by governments for system downtime could equal an electricity company’s profitability for the year.
  • Pratexo brings distributed computing on the ‘electricity grid edge’ to HKN, starting with putting intelligent computing ‘nodes’, based on Intel® processors, running Pratexo software at HKN transformer stations. Each node can process a massive amount of data streaming off the transformer for predictions about each transformer’s performance and future reliability.

The Next-Generation Resilient Grid

Optimized grid operations, using a micro grid via local Pratexo micro clouds