Pratexo Distributed Cloud Computing in Smart Buildings and Cities

Smart Cities and Buildings Edge Computing Solutions: Control and Optimize Building Systems, Operations, Security and Maintenance


  • Building systems are siloed and unoptimized
  • Massive amounts of data are generated but are never used
  • Maintenance is reactive and slow
  • Security systems require expensive manpower
  • Tenants perceive buildings are commodities and only care about location and price


  • Pratexo nodes running on each floor to intercept and analyze data generated from cameras, sensors, and systems
  • Form a micro cloud in each building
  • Join to create building-level digital twins that ensures systems are always available and optimally used


  • Predictive maintenance ensures buildings systems always running
  • 10 to 25% savings in operating costs (power, water, heat)
  • Buildings are intelligently secure without invading privacy
  • Tenants willing to pay premium prices per foot/meter
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