Pratexo = A Catalyst for Sustainability

We are on a mission to unlock the full potential of sustainability solutions requiring micro clouds at the edge.

We know that these technologies are needed to succeed in transitioning to smarter, greener, cleaner, and safer societies. We are here to help you scale and accelerate your journey towards reaching your goals in the most sustainable way.

Sustainability Solutions Powered by Pratexo

By running scalable, resilient, and intelligent applications and analytics in real time, close to where the source data is generated, we help you unlock the full potential of that data.

In this way, Pratexo enables solutions that provide a robust foundation for making optimal decisions and taking actions that accelerate your sustainability journey.

Five Pillars of the Pratexo Sustainability Solutions

There are five key ways in which the Pratexo platform can support you in reaching  your sustainability goals:

System Efficiency

Our platform enables full oversight of machines and systems in real-time which makes it possible to run them more efficiently and effectively. 

System Uptime

Our platform enables predictive analytics and proactive maintenance which improves system uptime, requiring fewer energy-consuming backup systems.

System Integration & Automation

Our platform enables system integration and automation by breaking down data silos, which leads to increasingly autonomous systems and operational efficiencies. 

Safety & Security

Our platform enables intelligent applications that can sense dangerous or harmful situations and take the most appropriate actions in real time.

Sustainability Innovation

Our flexible platform enables the continuous innovation of your sustainability solutions as your organizational challenges evolve.

The real-world impacts of these pillars

  • Reduced energy consumption and C02 emissions

  • Extended lifecycle of equipment

  • Elimination of system duplication and lowered waste

  • Improved human and system safety

  • More accurate sustainability tracking and reporting

  • Ensured regulatory compliance

  • Maximized long-term profitability of business initiatives
  • Increased agility to face future sustainability opportunities and challenges

Three Examples of Sustainability Solutions Powered by Pratexo


HKN Norwegian Electric Utility

By using Pratexo’s edge and micro cloud platform at decentralized transformer strations, HKN is working to increase the uptime of their electrical grid from 99.5% to 99.999%, allowing for even more mission-critical systems to be taken off of liquid fuels and out of the carbon cycle.


European Wind Power Provider

Edge micro cloud technology at the base of each windmill, combined with artificial intelligence algorithms, are used to monitor and identify bird flights near windmills, enabling the windmill to alter its operations in real time. Making windmills safer for bird populations will ensure the expanded use of this critical technology to generate green electricity.


Global Cement Company

Internet of Things sensors generate data that is processed by machine learning algorithms running on a Pratexo micro cloud at the plant ‘edge’. By processing this data in real time, machine uptime and efficiency are maximized, helping to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

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Our Guiding Principles

Affordable & Clean Energy

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Climate Action

Pratexo = A Catalyst for Sustainability