Pratexo – the intelligent edge innovation platform – dramatically accelerates the time to design, test, and provision the architectures required for next-generation applications for AI, IoT, and Industry 4.0.  Based on open and proven technologies, Pratexo is the ‘agile edge architect’ that recommends, simulates, and then actually stands up a resilient and secure architectural configuration to meet the specific needs of distributed cloud systems running near the edge.

If you are looking for that opportunity of a lifetime – to take a company from hot startup to multi-billion-dollar global company and life-changing exit – then Pratexo is the company for you.

As the first Sales Engineer at Pratexo, you will be responsible for driving the technical aspects of engagements with prospects and partners across the US. Reporting directly to the NA Sales Director, and collaborating closely with the CEO and CTO, your efforts will have the backing of the entire company. Truly the perfect opportunity for a combo tech/sales geek who wants to make their mark.

“Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or come with me and change the world?” Steve Jobs

Key Responsibilities:

You clearly know what they are, but here goes anyway…

  • Interact constantly with key decision-makers and business unit leads at prospects and strategic partners in both technical and business roles
  • Identify and create innovative use cases with prospects
  • Present and demonstrate the incredible value of Pratexo in the most clear and compelling manner possible
  • Work with the customers and engineers to ensure we can meet customer requirements
  • Communicate with the sales team to understand customer demands and overall market requirements
  • Translate that understanding of market requirements into actionable recommendations for the product team
  • Secure orders, guarantee product standards and assure product delivery
  • Establish customer rapport and acceptance, leading to long-term, expanding engagements
  • Help clients to solve problems with platform usage
  • Attend industry forums, tradeshows, and events (if they ever start again).
  • Keep current with our product release information including sales materials, product roadmap, features, applications, and competition. (And remember: we are a startup. You will be doing a lot of ‘self-enablement’).

If you still think you can handle it, read on.

Key Qualifications:

  • At least 5 years’ experience assisting the sale of highly-technical solutions
  • Great all-around communication skills
  • Significant experience selling complex solutions with long deal cycles to large enterprises
  • Direct experience with technologies/platforms in the cloud computing, edge, AI/ML, or IoT spaces (the more, the better). These include technologies/tools/systems such as Java, Tensorflow, MQTT, Node Red, Kubernetes, Kafka, and the Linux OS
  • Location is flexible but it is expected that you will have the ability to serve both North American and European prospects (at least until a Europe-based SE is brought on board). Eastern US time zone location will be most efficient
  • Significant travel to be expected, once things open up again

To discuss the possibilities, contact Pratexo CEO Blaine Mathieu at