Capabilities of the Pratexo Studio

Sample screenshot of the Pratexo Design Studio showing an architectural design for edge nodes and micro clouds for a smart electrical grid:

Pratexo Studio

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Modes of Edge Computing
Supported by Pratexo

Stand Alone Edge Computing
Stand Alone Edge Computing
  • IoT devices connect to individual edge nodes
  • Nodes communicate and coordinate directly with centralized systems
  • Security
  • Latency
  • Privacy/Compliance

  • Cost Reduction

Distributed Edge Computing
Distributed Edge Computing
  • Nodes share the compute load between them – forming a local micro cloud
  • IoT data streams are shared across the micro cloud
  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Data Democratization

Swarm Edge Computing
Swarm Edge Computing
  • Ad-hoc connections between nodes based on real time situational needs
  • May or may not be distributing the computing load between the. nodes
  • Flexibility
  • Efficiency

Pratexo Micro Clouds Enable the Disconnected Edge

Enabling the Disconnected Edge
  • Industrial systems may be occasionally or permanently disconnected from central systems or the public Internet
  • Software and ML models at the edge must still be installed, maintained, enhanced
Disconnected EdgeConnected Edge
For more information, download the Pratexo White Paper
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