Pratexo Intelligent Edge Innovation Platform

Pratexo dramatically accelerates your digital transformation by incorporating our decades of experience in building, managing, and deploying the most complex, distributed, scalable systems in the world. The Platform enables the rapid configuration, simulation, provisioning, monitoring, and optimization of an architecture running edge-enabled applications in a distributed cloud (or across multiple micro-clouds) on or near the edge.

Platform Principles

Platform Elements

By combining the following key elements, Pratexo enables you to provision an enterprise-grade architecture and begin deploying complex applications up to 20x faster than you ever thought possible.


  • User enters requirements of use case, based on a ‘feature map’ of potential architectural choices


  • Once configured, the architecture is generated and simulations can be run on a digital twin of the system to determine suitability for your use case.

Rapid Provisioning

  • At any point, an architecture can quickly be provisioned/deployed to production, often to multiple compute nodes

Lifecycle Management

  • Ongoing maintenance and development – not just about one-time, initial deployment.

Monitoring and Optimization

  • Constant monitoring of system to ensure optimal performance
  • Notification if new component or version or becomes available that would improve system performance
Pratexo Edge Computing Platform
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