Edge Computing Platform as a Service

Pratexo dramatically accelerates your digital transformation by incorporating our decades of experience in building, managing, and deploying the most complex, distributed, scalable systems in the world. The Platform enables the rapid configuration, simulation, provisioning, monitoring, and optimization of an architecture running edge-enabled applications in a distributed cloud (or across multiple micro-clouds) on or near the edge.

Pratexo Edge Nodes and Micro Clouds as a Service

Pratexo Platform

Platform Capabilities

Modes of Edge Computing
Supported by Pratexo

Stand Alone Edge Computing
Stand Alone Edge Computing
  • IoT devices connect to individual edge nodes
  • Nodes communicate and coordinate directly with centralized systems
  • Security
  • Latency
  • Privacy/Compliance

  • Cost Reduction

Distributed Edge Computing
Distributed Edge Computing
  • Nodes share the compute load between them – forming a local micro cloud
  • IoT data streams are shared across the micro cloud
  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Data Democratization

Swarm Edge Computing
Swarm Edge Computing
  • Ad-hoc connections between nodes based on real time situational needs
  • May or may not be distributing the computing load between the. nodes
  • Flexibility
  • Efficiency

Pratexo Technology Enables the Disconnected Edge

Enabling the Disconnected Edge
  • Industrial systems may be occasionally or permanently disconnected from central systems or the public Internet
  • Software and ML models at the edge must still be installed, maintained, enhanced
Disconnected EdgeConnected Edge
“Through 2022, 50% of edge computing solutions that worked as proofs of concept will fail to scale for product use… Require POCs to test (or simulate) unique edge computing requirements, such as scale and tolerance to disconnection…”

Gartner, Building an Edge Computing Strategy, 2021