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LoRaWan and Edge Computing – Partnering to Save IoT and AI

The LoRaWan protocol and associated devices are helping to accelerate the adoption of IoT in industrial settings. But it won’t be enough for the next generation of AI and IoT applications that will have to process massive amounts of data close to where it is generated.

Blaine Mathieu, Pratexo CEO, former Gartner analyst, and industry expert discusses the following topics:

  • Why are IoT and AI still not living up to their full potential and what can be done about it?
  • How must LoRaWan and edge computing partner to create seamless solutions for next-generation industrial applications?
  • Will edge computing and LoRaWan be able to thrive in world of systems increasingly disconnected from central clouds?
  • Bonus topic: swarm computing at the edge.

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