Who creates the applications that run on Pratexo?

Our professional services team can do that work either by ourselves or along with your internal teams. We have also formed a team of systems integrators and solution providers that can build on top of Pratexo, include companies like Industry Core in manufacturing, PropTechCore in Smart Buildings, LuxML in defense, Attentec and Matellio for heavy [...]

Who creates the applications that run on Pratexo?2022-01-12T06:30:46-08:00

What makes Pratexo special?

There are four characteristics that make Pratexo special: Platform enables the rapid configuration and provisioning of custom edge architectures - no such thing as one size fits all on the edge Support for complex environments that are fully or partially disconnected from central clouds Available as a turnkey, plug and play system including software and [...]

What makes Pratexo special?2022-01-12T06:30:54-08:00
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