We explore societal, economic, and technology trends
accelerating decentralization in a variety of industries.
How do we turn challenges into opportunities? 

Featuring Pratexo, CEO, Blaine Mathieu


About the Post-Industrial Forum
Operated by the Post-Industrial Institute in collaboration with industry partners, the Post-Industrial Forum focuses on how to navigate the transition to a decentralized post-industrial economy and culture.
Members include policymakers, investors, founders, and senior executives. After two years of Covid restrictions and online-only events, we are excited to welcome you back in person.
Engines of Decentralization
The decentralization of enterprises and industries has been ongoing for twenty years, and it is the cause of dramatic changes and opportunities- which have been accelerated by the pandemic. In this session, we will discuss societal, economic, and technology trends that are accelerating decentralization in a variety of industries. We will examine how they are linked and explore opportunities and challenges for industry disruption and organizational transformation.
We will discuss:
  • Supply chain challenges
  • Hybrid and remote work
  • Decentralized energy production, storage
  • Web3, the Metaverse, the future Internet
  • Decentralization in financial services
  • Localization of manufacturing, agriculture
  • Edge Computing and autonomous systems
  • Transformation challenges for enterprises
  • Decentralization as an investment thesis