Hosted on the Pratexo edge-to-cloud platform, solution frameworks built by Pratexo are highly customizable and significantly accelerate your ability to stand up solutions to critical operational issues. Such solutions function wherever is most appropriate, from the far edge all the way to public clouds – even when entirely shielded from the internet.

Electrification Solution FRAMEWORK by Pratexo

Root Cause Analysis Expert System

The electrification ecosystem is a critical infrastructure for the world’s economy. Keeping it running at peak efficiency requires proactive preventive maintenance that can detect anomalous conditions, detect impending faults, analyze their root causes, and automate remediation. The Pratexo Root Cause Analysis Expert System is a computer system emulating the decision-making ability of a human expert.

ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS: Inject high-frequency event data from historians or offline data repositories. Parameters are presented to domain experts to filter specific analytics.

EXPERT SYSTEMS STAKEHOLDERS: Algorithms and rules are configured by domain experts and data scientists to provide root-cause recommendations

EXPERT SYSTEMS ANALYTICS: Streaming or forensic data is analyzed then visualized with interactive plots and graphs

Pratexo’s Expert System for data-driven, rule-based diagnosis and decision-making of electrical systems

Pratexo includes sophisticated signal processing algorithms to detect anomalies, a digital graph relating fault conditions in equipment to root causes, including specific component failures, automated notifications, and a set of rules to pinpoint problems only trained experts could normally detect to recommend remediation actions to heal the system and ensure operational efficiency is maximized.

Solution Benefits

  • Automated fault detection
  • Automated root cause analysis resulting in significantly reduced downtime

  • Library of signal processing algorithms for anomaly detection

  • Programmable backward and forward chaining rule system
  • Reports documenting the expert system findings
  • Automated real time notification system