edge clouds

The last 20 years have been all about moving applications (and compute loads generally) to the cloud. By now, we all know the reasons and benefits. Some very large businesses (Azure, AWS, GCP) have been created based on this wave.

And yet, I cannot tell you how many times I have sat with a large industrial company to hear them tell me that so many of their “digitization initiatives have failed.”

Why is that?

Many complex factors are at play. But I believe this great new article by McKinsey details a critical success factor that is often overlooked:

“Cloud computing is a powerful concept, but success will come only if these key concepts and technologies can be used at the industrial edge.”

I won’t repeat their key points here – but definitely worth reading the article.

This is precisely why Pratexo came up with the concept of Micro Clouds running at the industrial edge. Edge computing and cloud computing – the best of both worlds. And this is why Gartner recently featured Pratexo in its Cool Vendors in Edge Computing 2023 report for its edge-to-cloud management and orchestration platform.

So what is the benefit of doing this right?

A recent survey by Pratexo partner ABB makes the point clearly:

  • An outage at a typical industrial business costs $125,000 per hour
  • 69% of plants or sites experience unplanned outages at least once per month

Yikes! Industry 4.0 has not achieved its potential yet. But adapting the technologies of the cloud to the industrial edge will go a long way towards finally getting us there.