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Pratexo Announces Generative AI-Based Root Cause Analysis Expert System at Distributech 2024

Pratexo Keynote Slides: Using Generative AI to Ensure Energy Resiliency with Pratexo

Pratexo White Paper: Architecting Edge Solutions Using Pratexo

Pratexo EV Charging Solution Framework

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Pratexo Solution Frameworks for Electrification

Powered by the Pratexo edge-to-cloud platform, solution frameworks built by Pratexo are highly customizable and significantly accelerate the ability to stand up solutions to critical operational issues. Such solutions function wherever is most appropriate, from the far edge all the way to public clouds – even when entirely shielded from the internet.

Condition Monitoring & Analytics

Monitor, maintain, and automate distributed industrial systems

Gen AI-Enabled Root Cause Analysis Expert System

Gen AI + human experts predict and prevent failures before they happen

Power Balancing

Respond in real time to frequency deviations using advanced software and low-cost hardware

EV Charging Management

Monitor and control your EV charging equipment via an integrated management system

Common Mistakes in Edge Computing Webinar

Join Pratexo CTO, founder, and acclaimed O’Reilly author and lecturer, Petter Graff, on Tuesday, March 12th at 8 am PST for the first installment of his Common Mistakes in Edge Computing series, where he outlines some of the most common strategic, technical, and operational mistakes that companies make when attempting to embrace the benefits of edge computing.