The ability to orchestrate and automate the design, deployment, and management of multi-tier, distributed computing infrastructures all the way to the far edge is definitely a new capability that Pratexo is bringing to the market. Historically, only innovative, nimble companies like Pratexo are capable of leading the way in such areas. Without Pratexo, these projects are extremely time-consuming, with an unacceptably high risk of failure.

Having said that, the core technologies that the Pratexo Platform provisions to the edge are some of the most well-established and completely documented components in existence, including technologies and standards like Kubernetes, Kafka, MQTT, MongoDB, and over 100 (and counting) more. These (mostly) open-source technologies have hundreds or even thousands of contributors and are always being improved and evolved (which is another reason that Pratexo is useful to help manage this evolution over time).

The goal of Pratexo is not to replace these mature technologies or newer ones as they are invented – it is to dramatically speed up your ability to stand up and manage systems that use them. Pratexo is not a risky black box, it is a system that generates open edge architectures and micro clouds that you own. Everything is 100% visible and open. You can leave Pratexo at any time and continue to manage your architectures and applications on your own. Of course, we believe you will value the simplification and acceleration that Pratexo brings so highly that you will never want to do that!