Edge Computing Solutions for Manufacturers


  • Just-in-time processes results in high cost of system downtime for even a small component of a manufacturing operation
  • Real-time actions require low-latency systems that are highly secure
  • Evolution towards truly integrated, autonomous manufacturing requires continuously ripping-and-replacing previous systems (or falling behind)


  • Pratexo micro cloud running at the plant or line level
  • Highly resilient, scalable systems able to grow as plant operations become more complex
  • Embrace machine learning over time for more autonomous, highly reliable operations
  • Without having to rip-and-replace technical infrastructure every time a new application or system is added or enhanced


  • Higher uptime levels
  • Increased production efficiency and quality
  • More rapid evolution of products to meet market needs

Pratexo is proud to work with its partner Industry Corps.0 to provide complete solutions for the manufacturing industry.

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