Blaine Mathieu to lead the process of globally scaling Pratexo’s intelligent edge computing and distributed cloud platform designed for next-generation applications.

Pratexo, the intelligent edge computing and distributed cloud platform, announced today that Blaine Mathieu has been appointed as the new CEO of the company, effective immediately. Most recently, Blaine led the Startup Advisory Practice as a Partner at Momenta, an industry-leading advisory, executive search and ventures practice, focused on Digital Industry.

Prior to Momenta, Mathieu had spent over two decades focused on bringing enterprise software and technology platforms to market. After starting his first enterprise software company as a teenager in Canada, he moved to Silicon Valley in the late 1990s to join Gartner as one of their early internet analysts after which he joined Adobe to build their Market Intelligence unit. From there he took on CMO, CPO, GM, and CEO roles at enterprise software companies including Corel, Lyris, Mindjet, Selectica, big data analytics platform GoodData, and real-time application platform Vantiq.

“I see Pratexo as the culmination of a long career helping organizations prosper through technology inflection points including the PC revolution, the internet and e-commerce, online applications and SaaS, big data and AI/ML, and industrial IoT,” said Mathieu. “Edge and distributed computing is the new inflection that organizations must capitalize on to ensure that next-generation applications are resilient, scalable, and secure. To meet this challenge, Pratexo was originated as an edge-first platform and that’s why I am excited about joining them.”

“Blaine’s experience and expertise make him the perfect CEO for Pratexo,” said Thomas C. Holst, Pratexo Chairman. “He has successfully positioned and brought to market many leading-edge technology companies, and his recent experience in the big data, AI/ML, and edge computing spaces make him perfectly suited to where Pratexo is focused. We are truly excited to have Blaine leading the team!”

Mathieu will also be spearheading the opening of a new San Francisco location for Pratexo, in addition to its current locations in: Austin Texas, Oslo Norway, Lund and Stockholm Sweden.

About Pratexo
Pratexo is the intelligent edge computing and distributed cloud platform that dramatically accelerates the time to design, test, and provision the architectures required for next-generation applications.  Based on open and proven technologies, Pratexo is your ‘personal edge architect’ that recommends, simulates, and then actually stands up a resilient and secure architectural configuration to meet the specific needs of your distributed cloud system.

Media contact:
Caroline E. Olsson