Pratexo Announces Generative AI-Based Root Cause Analysis Expert System at Distributech 2024

Innovative expert system, enabled by the latest generative AI technology, allows industrial and infrastructure organizations to quickly assess and prevent process and machine faults on the operational edge.

Austin, TX – February 27, 2024 – Pratexo, the leading edge-to-cloud solution acceleration platform, and recent Gartner Cool Vendor, proudly announces the release of the industry’s first root cause analysis expert system enabled by generative AI technology. This release is timed to kick off Pratexo’s presence at Distributech 2024, North America’s leading annual event that addresses technologies used to move electricity from the power plant through the transmission and distribution systems.

“Understanding the root causes of process failures and machine malfunctions in complex systems is one of the most vexing challenges facing companies, owners, and operators of industrial equipment, especially in the context of distributed electrification systems,” said Pratexo CEO, Blaine Mathieu. “Now the work of increasingly scarce experts on machine and system behavior can be augmented and accelerated, reducing the time and cost of diagnosing the causes of critical issues, and eliminating downtime due to reactive maintenance.”

Capabilities of Pratexo’s GenAI Root Cause Analysis ‘Solution Framework’ include:

  • Interactive collaboration between human experts and the Pratexo AI to ensure potential root causes of failures and their early indicators are quickly identified
  • Advanced documentation and reporting of expert system findings to decrease the time and cost involved in diagnosing critical issues
  • Automated real-time analytics can produce both dashboards and notifications to ensure recommended actions are taken in a timely manner
  • A programmable backward and forward chaining rule system to ensure agile and flexible adaptation to different problem types

As with all Pratexo solution frameworks hosted on the Pratexo Platform, the GenAI Root Cause Analysis system automatically inherits the capabilities and benefits of the Pratexo Platform, including:

  • The ability to be deployed and operate anywhere from the machine edge up to and including central clouds
  • The capability to keep all required data local and on premises for security, data privacy, or regulatory compliance
  • The resiliency to continue operating even if disconnected from central clouds or servers
  • The scalability required to address highly distributed and decentralized industrial systems producing massive amounts of streaming data in real time
  • The flexibility and rapid customizability required to address the very specific needs of each organization

Petter Graff, CTO and co-founder at Pratexo, commented, “Our approach at Pratexo is revolutionizing how domain expertise is harnessed and applied within technical systems. We enable domain experts to express their knowledge and deep understanding of the problem in natural language or by providing data sheets and other contextual material without learning complex configuration languages. Using generative AI, we help extract potential failures, their causes, and corresponding indicators through a knowledge graph. Finally, the Pratexo Platform automates the actual deployment of the required analytics and applications.”

Graff went on to say, “What sets our expert system apart is the seamless integration of Generative AI, which facilitates a dynamic dialogue between the domain expert and the Pratexo AI engine. The knowledge graph is an enriched root-cause graph that includes other knowledge elements such as predictions, indicators, and recommended actions. This innovative interaction allows for constructing a comprehensive knowledge graph, precise rules, and sophisticated analytics algorithms, all authored by domain experts through easy-to-use dialogs. By deploying this enriched intelligence with real-time, streaming machine data across edge nodes and Kubernetes-based ‘micro clouds’, our system ensures that actionable insights are always at the forefront, driving efficiency and effectiveness in unprecedented ways.”

Mathieu will be making the official announcement of this important new Pratexo capability at Distributech on Tuesday, February 27 at 11:30 am, on Stage 2 of the Initiate Lounge. His presentation is entitled, “Using Generative AI to Ensure Energy Resiliency With Pratexo.” In this session, he will describe how the energy transition requires the increasingly complex orchestration of distributed components at the edge of grid operations, self-generated power systems, and battery and other energy storage platforms. Ensuring these systems are resilient and efficient is a growing challenge facing utilities and industries. He will explain how the Pratexo edge-to-cloud management platform uses generative AI to accelerate the design, deployment, and management of such systems while ensuring they continue to run in the harshest conditions. The session will also cover how quickly innovative solutions for EV charging, power balancing, and grid monitoring were created using Pratexo.

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