Pratexo AS, a Leading Edge Computing Company, is proud to announce its agreement with Navidium Plc to enhance their Maritime CleanTech solutions.

Oslo, December, 2020 — By providing Pratexo´s Distributed Computing Architecture to Navidium´s IoT platform, Ship owners and Ship operators will improve their operational performance by making sense of the data and compute insights before the data leaves the ship, ensuring that only required data are streamed to a central location. 

Navidium is a Maritime CleanTech company with a wide range of innovative IoT products for the maritime industry. Navidium´s strategy is to assist merchant vessel managers to improve their overall operational efficiency and increase visibility. Optimized routing and energy consumption, as well as decreased levels of non-value adding time and efforts, result in reduced overall operational costs and lower levels of emissions. Along with increased visibility of operations and compliance with today’s and future regulations. Navidium has installed its products on +70 vessels today, and has an impressive and fast-growing customer base, ready for implementations in the near future.

“This agreement strengthens Navidium´s innovative IoT platform bringing scalability and meeting future needs. Digitization and standardization of the shipping industry have been our number one priority. Partnering up with Pratexo empowers our ambition to break down data silos and deliver an open platform where other 3rd party vendors also are invited to run their algorithms. This way we can help setting up an Industry standard and bring great and needed value for all Ship owners.”

Arto Koistine
CEO, Navidium Plc 

Pratexo has offered a solution to fully unlock the potential of the data owned by companies. Moving the computation out of the cloud and onto the vessels allows Shipping companies to make the most of the valuable data they own. However, this kind of solution hasn´t been successful in IIoT, which poses a set of unique challenges to scalability. There are often restrictions on getting the raw data out of a remote asset that’s connected to the outside world via a satellite connection. Continuous connection cannot be relied upon, and in addition, data streaming can be restricted due to cost and security reasons. Pratexo solves this challenge and provides customers with a Local Distributed Computing Architecture on the vessel!

“We are grateful for the trust and confidence we have received from Navidium. Our combined knowledge contributes to bring the ability to run real-time processing, analytics, and software solutions on the ship, while still sending relevant aggregated data to shore for monitoring. Pratexo was born to reframe the world, to empower innovative enterprises to grow, to enable smart, fast, and sustainable decisions. Pratexo seeks to accelerate the Digitization process of the Shipping Industry and we look forward to working closely with Navidium on this journey.”
Simen Kortgaard
General Manager of EMEA, Pratexo AS