Shipping On The Edge with Pratexo’s Ship-based Micro clouds

The next generation of edge computing platforms enables the shipping industry to rapidly configure, provision, and maintain ship-based micro clouds that democratize ship data and truly accelerate powerful applications.  Imagine if an ‘iPhone’ existed, focused on the digital transformation of the shipping industry. Instead of sitting in your pocket, the smart phone manages [...]

Shipping On The Edge with Pratexo’s Ship-based Micro clouds2021-07-19T12:25:03-07:00

Why I Chose Pratexo

Over the last 40 years (I started young!), I’ve been lucky enough to have seen and been a part of many inflection points in the history of computing. To quickly recap: Starting my first software company as a teenager, at the dawn of the PC revolution. Working with companies as a Gartner analyst at [...]

Why I Chose Pratexo2023-11-06T05:32:04-08:00

The Golden Braid Model of IoT

By: Petter Graff, CTO -  A better model for organizing compute nodes and logic for IoT solutions Edge, Mist, Fog, Cloud, etc. In the IoT world, we seem obsessed with the need to name the layer in which software runs. The most common definitions are: Edge compute (or sometimes called Mist compute) is where [...]

The Golden Braid Model of IoT2021-09-09T15:42:18-07:00

Taking the Smart Grid to the Edge

By: Dr. Frode Alirash-Roarson, Chief Scientist – New and emerging technologies are shaping a new type of power grid: a smart grid. Tomorrow’s smart grid will challenge the traditional value chain, leaving behind the aging infrastructure and taking advantage of digital technologies to identify and respond to changes in power consumption. The emerging smart [...]

Taking the Smart Grid to the Edge2021-07-19T12:25:24-07:00
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